Top Ten Websites on Competitiveness and Business Development


Una vez más, y ahora en una ocasión especial, Martin D. Chrisney del BID nos comparte esta selección de los mejores sitios de internet sobre Competitividad y Desarrollo Empresarial. Es de notarse que en la segunda posición aparece TCI !!!. FELICIDADES.

Aprovechamos para desearles lo mejor en estas fiestas y en el 2011

Top Ten Websites on Competitiveness and Business Development

10. LatinoAmé (LAP) NEW

A Spanish language site to support sustainable development practices in Latin America among business and NGOs.   The project is lead by Roberto Artavia, former Dean of the INCAE business school and a thought leader on competitiveness topics in the region.


9. MAP (Better Conditions for Productivity) NEW

In 2010, the IDB launched 2 calls for proposals under the window ¨Better Conditions for Productivity¨ (MAP in Spanish).  The response to the calls has been overwhelming and the quality of the research and project proposals very high.  You can find the winners of the first call on Informality and Regulation on the web page, and in January we will announce the winners of the SME Finance call that just ended.  On the web page you can sign up on the consultants mailing list and follow MAP activities in 2011.

8. Ireland’s National Competitiveness Council

What was said last year, when this site was first listed, bears repeating:  ¨Once again a test case for policymakers, Ireland’s NCC faces its toughest challenge as economic growth recedes and macro imbalances reappear.  Look at the Annual Report which uses over 140 variables to assess the state of the Irish “miracle”. ¨

7. Top Entrepreneurship Research & Policy Network (ERPN) Organizations (Beta)

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The Social Science Research Network is the best one-stop source for academic literature and a must read. The list of top research sites on entrepreneurship is the following:

1) NBER, 2) Harvard, 3) European Corporate Governance Institute, 4) Centre for Economic Policy Research,

6. RIAC: Interamerican Competitiveness Network NEW

A regional network of competitiveness councils in Latin America and the Caribbean launched in 2009 in Santiago, Chile. The aim is to support multilateral efforts to build regional competitiveness and productivity by exchanging best practice and implementing joint initiatives.  The 3rd Meeting of the RIAC took place in Atlanta, Georgia in November and featured a workshop on Competitiveness in the Caribbean, while the 4th meeting is planned for the Dominican Republic in 2011.  The website has a unique political perspective on trends and events related to competitiveness in Latin America and the Caribbean. Seguir leyendo

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