The ongoing experience of launching RedLAC

TCIEn el boletín de julio 2009 de TCI ( aparece esta nota sobre RedLAC. La reproducimos como agradecimiento por el apoyo que todos Ustedes nos han brindado así como invitación a que continúen promoviendo este proyecto comunitario.

Logo RedLAC 100Launching RedLAC (The Latin American Cluster Network) has been, so far, a fun challenge. It is not much different from starting a cluster initiative, although it has the added intricacies of distance, time lag and mostly-digital interactions. Otherwise, it shares with a Cluster Initiative the sense of collaboration, common objectives and benefits for all.  It is a lot of work but it also brings learning and, yes, fun.  This is why I do not agree with the use of the term ‘virtual network’.  The emerging body is quite real and its capability for action even more so.  In short, RedLAC is nothing but a big, continent-wide cluster, in line with TCI’s global effort.

Luckily, new technologies make it easier by the day to run such a network. This is why our two main networking tools are digital: Seguir leyendo

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