The Cluster Facilitator & the Venture Capitalist

Tenemos de nuevo la visita de Ifor Ffowcs-Williams con esta nota interesante que publicó ayer en su blog

Ifor hace unas reflexiones interesantes sobre el rol del gerente o facilitador de cluster y propone que estos asuman algunas de las características de los administradores de fondos de capital de riesgo.


IforWelcome to e4 on competitiveness. This is E4 writing, aka Ifor Ffowcs-Williams, CEO of Cluster Navigators Ltd in New Zealand.

Cluster facilitators come in various guises.  Some cluster facilitators, particularly in Scandinavia, are logically called ‘Process Leader’; others in Europe are titled ‘Cluster Manager’ and in the USA the term ‘Executive Director’ is often used.
Certainly, a cluster facilitator should differentiate from an ‘Industry Association Manager’ yet many see their role in such a (limiting) light, and utilise the availability of underpinning public funding for their clustering initiative to cautiously advance a limited array of initiatives.
Other cluster facilitators view their roles as boundary less, and these unconstrained people have much in common with venture capitalists.
Both professions in their complementary ways are nurturing high growth companies, and both take a long-term perspective in turning dreams into reality.  Both are engaged in accelerating the ‘product to market’ process and in   ‘professionalising’ the firms they work with.
Taking this comparison further, successful cluster facilitators and successful venture capitalists both:

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